Bristol City works extra shift to take care of Swansea in OT classic 2-1

Regulation was not enough time to decide a winner here, but Bristol City finally eked out a 2-1 verdict over Swansea in FA Cup men’s soccer action on Jan. 17. Stadium was merely a stage as Mark Sykes and Sam Bell showcased a myriad of skills for Bristol City via 1 goal each to subdue Swansea 2-1 on Jan. 17. That was the stuff paramount to the verdict.

Bristol City unleashed the skills of Sam Bell, who justified that trust with 1 assist to dispatch Swansea 2-1 on Jan. 17 at Stadium. That handiwork was crucial in the win.

Oliver Cooper authored a gallant effort with 1 goal, but it went for naught as Swansea dropped a 2-1 verdict to Bristol City at Stadium on Jan. 17. That puts Swansea on the road to a rebound.

The player with the top assist for Swansea was Matt Grimes with 1 assist. Unfortunately, the assist wasn’t enough to push Swansea into the winning column.

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