Sheppey United FC and Billericay Town FC Share Points in 1-1 Draw at Holm Park

It was a brilliant matchup all the way until the shootout at the end.

Coming off a 1-1 draw against Billericay Town FC, Sheppey United FC drew against Billericay Town FC 1-1 at Holm Park on 17 October, 2023.

Sheppey United FC and Billericay Town FC played an exciting match at Holm Park, with the two teams coming out even at the end as they drew 1-1. In an evenly-matched game, both sides had their fair share of chances but were unable to capitalise on them. The home side, Sheppey United, was the first to break the deadlock, scoring in the 25th minute to give them the lead. However, Billericay Town responded soon after with their equaliser arriving in the 31st minute. After that, both teams pushed for a winner but in the end could not find a breakthrough, settling for a draw. The match was characterised by end to end action and plenty of chances, making it a thrilling affair for the fans in attendance.

Next up, Sheppey United FC will face off against Horndean FC on 21 October, 2023 at Holm Park.

Next up, Billericay Town FC will face off against Hastings United FC at AGP Arena.

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