York City FC Claims 1-0 Win Over Needham Market FC at Bloomfields

It was a brilliant matchup all the way until the final 10 minutes, where Tyler Cordner scored a goal for York City FC.

Coming off a 0-0 draw against Needham Market FC, York City FC defeated Needham Market FC 1-0 at Bloomfields on 17 October, 2023.

In a tight contest, York City FC emerged victorious over Needham Market FC with a 1-0 result, winning away from home at Bloomfields. Both sides fought fiercely in the opening stanza, yet couldn’t break each other’s defence as they went into the break scoreless.

In the second half, York City FC made the most of their opportunity, putting the ball in the back of the net in the 57th minute to grab the additional three points. The remaining 33 minutes of the contest saw an intense battle between both teams, with Needham Market FC holding off York City FC to the final whistle, but ultimately falling short.

Next up, York City FC will face off against Eastleigh FC on 21 October, 2023 at Silverlake Stadium.

Next up, Needham Market FC will face off against Leamington FC at Bloomfields.

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