Barnet FC Wins 1-0 vs Curzon Ashton FC at Tameside Stadium

Nicke Kabamba was a difference maker today with his goal for Barnet FC.

Coming off a 2-0 victory against Oxford City FC, Barnet FC defeated Curzon Ashton FC 1-0 at Tameside Stadium on 04 November, 2023.

It was a tense affair at Tameside Stadium on 04 November, 2023 for the match between Barnet FC and Curzon Ashton FC. In the first half, Barnet FC put in a dominant performance, taking the lead through a Nicke Kabamba strike in the 15th minute. However, tensions were high as players had to be cautioned with various fouls and dissent from both teams.

In the second half, the intensity only increased as players from both teams were dealt yellow cards for time-wasting, fouling, and dissent. Despite this, Barnet FC held onto their one-goal lead to secure the victory. Ultimately, the match ended 1-0 to Barnet FC.

Next up, Barnet FC will face off against Chesterfield FC on 11 November, 2023 at Technique Stadium.

Next up, Curzon Ashton FC will face off against Spennymoor Town FC at The Brewery Field.

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