Barrow AFC Overcome Northampton Town FC 3-1 at PTS Academy Stadium

Mitchell Pinnock, Tom White, Emile Acquah and Ben Whitfield kept the day interesting with their respective scores.

Coming off a 1-0 victory against Morecambe FC, Barrow AFC defeated Northampton Town FC 3-1 at PTS Academy Stadium on 04 November, 2023.

In a hard-fought match, Barrow AFC emerged victorious, beating Northampton Town FC 3-1 at PTS Academy Stadium. The first half saw Barrow AFC take the lead thanks to Emile Acquah’s 9th minute goal with an assist from Elliot Newby. Immediately after, Mitchell Pinnock scored an equalizer for the home team, with Sam Hoskins providing the assist. Mazeed Ogungbo from Barrow AFC was given a caution for a foul in the 21st minute.

The second half proved to be equally thrilling as Tom White put Barrow AFC back in front in the 52nd minute. Ben Whitfield then sealed the win with a 72nd minute goal. Sam Hoskins from Northampton Town FC accrued a yellow card for a foul in the 68th minute while Mitchell Pinnock was issued a yellow card in the 85th for the same offence.

Next up, Barrow AFC will face off against Liverpool FC U21 on 07 November, 2023 at Holker Street.

Next up, Northampton Town FC will face off against Burton Albion FC at PTS Academy Stadium.

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