Fleetwood blanks Wednesday 1-0

Fleetwood’s impenetrable defense prompted a 1-0 blanking of Wednesday in FA Cup men’s soccer on Feb. 7.

Each attack authored its Rip Van Winkle imitation, napping through a barren first half.

Conditioning showed as Fleetwood outscored Wednesday 1-0 in the final half.

Carlos Mendes Gomes spearheaded the offensive charge with 1 goal as Fleetwood knocked off Wednesday 1-0 on Feb. 7 at Highbury Stadium. That was just the tonic needed to secure the victory.

Where would Fleetwood be without Phoenix Patterson? Fortunately there’s no need to worry after Phoenix Patterson recorded 1 assist to dismiss Wednesday 1-0 at Highbury Stadium on Feb. 7. That performance was key to this decision.

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