Clean sheet: Grimsby Town doesn’t allow Luton Town a point 3-0

No worries, Grimsby Town’s defense took care of business on Tuesday, keying a 3-0 shutout of Luton Town in a FA Cup men’s soccer matchup on Feb. 7.

Grimsby Town opened with a 3-0 advantage over Luton Town through the first half.

Neither squad scored in the second half.

Where would Grimsby Town be without Harry Clifton, Danilo Orsi-Dadamo and Daniel Amos? Fortunately there’s no need to worry after Harry Clifton, Danilo Orsi-Dadamo and Daniel Amos recorded 1 goal each to dismiss Luton Town 3-0 at Blundell Park on Feb. 7. That performance was key to this decision.

Grimsby Town unleashed the skills of Andy Smith, who justified that trust with 1 assist to dispatch Luton Town 3-0 on Feb. 7 at Blundell Park. That handiwork was crucial in the win.

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