Southampton earns narrow win over Blackpool 2-1

Southampton survived Blackpool in a 2-1 win that had a seat-squirming feel on Jan. 28 in FA Cup mens soccer.

Southampton pulled in front of Blackpool 1-0 to begin the second half.

The gap remained steady with both teams scoring evenly in the final half.

Blackpool’s defenders didn’t know what to do with Romain Perraud, who drove them crazy with 2 goals to spark Southampton’s 2-1 victory on Jan. 28 at St. Mary’s Stadium. It was a much-needed, wrecking-crew effort.

St. Mary’s Stadium was merely a stage as Sekou Mara showcased a myriad of skills for Southampton via 1 assist to subdue Blackpool 2-1 on Jan. 28. That was the stuff paramount to the verdict.

Blackpool suffered a 2-1 knockout to Southampton, but Jerry Yates made it interesting with 1 assist on Jan. 28 at St. Mary’s Stadium. Now it’s time to regroup.

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