Japan trips Germany in tenacious tussle 2-1

The margin for error was so small it only piqued the anxiety, but Japan didn’t mind, dispatching Germany 2-1 on Nov. 23 in FIFA World Cup mens soccer action.

Germany started on steady ground by forging a 1-0 lead over Japan at the end of the first half.

A 2-0 scoring edge in the final half fueled Japan’s defeat of Germany.

Ritsu Dōan and Takuma Asano provided the fireworks with 1 goal each to fuel the charge in Japan’s 2-1 victory over Germany at Khalifa International Stadium on Nov. 23. It was a timely exhibition that was welcomed by all Japan fans.

The player with the top assist for Japan was Kou Itakura with 1 assist. Every assist in the FIFA World Cup is vital, and Japan reaped the rewards.

The player with the top goal for Germany was Ilkay Gündogan with 1 goal. Unfortunately, the goal wasn’t enough to push Germany into the winning column.

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