Pre Match Report: Wolverhampton vs Man City

Are you ready for some action? Wolverhampton will be when it meets Man City on Jan. 22 at Etihad Stadium.

In the last matchup, Man City won against Tottenham 4-2 on Jan. 19 at Etihad Stadium.

On the other side, In the last matchup, Liverpool won against Wolverhampton 1-0 on Jan. 17 at Molineux Stadium.

In the 100 head to head matchups Man City’s record is 42-22-36.

Last time the two teams faced off, Man City unleashed the skills of Erling Haaland, Jack Grealish and Phil Foden, who justified that trust with 1 goal each to dispatch Wolverhampton 3-0 on Sept. 17 at Molineux Stadium. That handiwork was crucial in the win.

Kevin De Bruyne brought the heat with 2 assists during the match for Man City. It was a match where every assist was important, and Kevin De Bruyne was a hero.

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