What to Watch: St. Blazey AFC vs Mousehole AFC on 19 August, 2023

St. Blazey AFC are looking to make history on 19 August 2023, when they take on Mousehole AFC at Blaise Park. An interesting fixture saw these two teams face off against each other in their last 5 meetings, with St. Blazey AFC securing just 1 win, and 2 draws, while Mousehole AFC had the upper hand claiming 5 victories.

In the last 6 matches, Mousehole AFC have been on fire with 5 wins and just 1 draw, while St. Blazey AFC have had 2 losses and no wins. With the odds stacked against them, will St. Blazey AFC be able to turn things around and give Mousehole AFC a run for their money in this highly-anticipated matchup? Football fans will be eager to see what goes down at Blaise Park with brave St. Blazey AFC going up against strong and unbeaten Mousehole AFC.

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