What to Watch: Whitchurch Alport FC vs Barnoldswick Town FC on 19 August, 2023

On August 19th, two titans of non-league football will battle it out in a highly anticipated match when Whitchurch Alport FC takes on Barnoldswick Town FC at KMJ Mortgages Stadium. The two sides have faced off in several high profile battles but none of them have been as closely contested as Saturday’s match.

Whitchurch Alport FC have won four of their last six matches, with one draw and one loss. Barnoldswick Town FC have only won two of their last six games, but have an impressive four draws to bolster their record. With both teams in good form, this Saturday’s match is sure to be a hard-fought and closely contested affair.

Whether you are in the stadium or watching from home, don’t miss out on what is sure to be an exciting and entertaining match.

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