Abracadabra: Uruguay makes Egypt’s offense disappear 1-0

A vice-like defensive effort helped Uruguay squeeze Egypt 1-0 in a shutout performance at Egypt on June 15 in FIFA World Cup mens soccer action.

Neither team could dent the scoreboard in the first half.

Uruguay held on with a 1-0 scoring edge in the second half.

Egypt’s defenders didn’t know what to do with José Maria Giménez, who drove them crazy with 1 goal to spark Uruguay’s 1-0 victory on June 15 at Stadion Central’nyj. It was a much-needed, wrecking-crew effort.

Carlos Sánchez brought the fire in the form of 1 assist while leading Uruguay to a 1-0 decision at Egypt’s expense on June 15 at Stadion Central’nyj. That was just the ingredient needed in this delicious decision.

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