Blank check: Arsenal writes off Tottenham with nothing but zeroes 2-0

No goals allowed and no problems permitted for Arsenal as it controlled Tottenham’s offense 2-0 in a sterling defensive showcase during this Premier League mens soccer game.

Arsenal drew first blood by forging a 2-0 margin over Tottenham after the first half.

The scoreboard was in hibernation in the final half, with neither team scoring.

Martin Ƙdegaard brought the heat with 1 goal during the match for Arsenal. Every goal in the Premier League is vital, and Arsenal reaped the rewards.

Tottenham’s defenders didn’t know what to do with Bukayo Saka, who drove them crazy with 1 assist to spark Arsenal’s 2-0 victory on Jan. 15 at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. It was a much-needed, wrecking-crew effort.

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